Are Parkway Drivers Worse?
Maybe I'm just getting old and grumpy but lately, and especially on my way to work this morning, I feel like Parkway drivers are getting more reckless than ever.
The 5 Worst Kinds Of Holiday Shore Drivers
As we roll into Memorial Day Weekend in Ocean County, and the Summer season kicks off, it also means that traffic season is kicking off in full force. So what are the worst kinds of drivers that you can run into during shore weekends? Here are my top 5 worst:
Watch – Sleeper on a Busy Road Gets a Surprise [Video]
We've all been there - you're at a light that turns green and the driver in front of you doesn't go. You give them a polite toot on the horn and they still linger. If you've thought that they must have fallen asleep, well, after seeing this video, it's quite possible. Thank goodness for helmet cams.…