It's Friday, October 13th and just a few short weeks shy of Halloween. While it's easy to get caught up in the fantasy of spooky forces and things that go bump in the night, we decided to take a look at some "real as a heart attack" areas of misfortune in Ocean County.

It's usually a good idea to avoid these places all of the time, but especially on Friday the 13th.


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    Route 37 & 166 in Toms River

  • Sunday delays on the southbound Garden State Parkway (NJ DOT)
    Sunday delays on the southbound Garden State Parkway (NJ DOT)

    The Parkway During Rush Hour

    Unfortunately work usually gets in the way of any attempt to avoid the Parkway, but maybe it's worth taking a different route today. Going north in the morning or south in the late afternoon is about as lucky as stepping on a nail, over and over again.

  • NJ Driver's License (NJ DMV)
    NJ Driver's License (NJ DMV)

    The DMV

    There's a reason they have to station a police officer at the DMV nowadays, and it's not because the place is crawling with happy-go-lucky citizens!

  • Townsquare Media
    Townsquare Media

    Fishing Pier

    Wherever you enjoy casting your line, beware that your luck (or lack of luck) will be multiplied tenfold today. And if you're like us, that means your haul won't be worth that gas money to get there. Enjoy a quiet session!

  • Getty Images/OJO Images
    Getty Images/OJO Images

    Ocean County Courthouse

    Whether you're the plaintiff, defendant, or member of the jury, it's probably not your lucky day if you're spending it in court.

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    Ocean County Jail

    No explanation needed here.

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    Ocean County Democratic Headquarters

    A historically red county, the Democrats haven't had much luck during recent election years. In fact, you have to go back to 1996 for the last blue Presidential year. Luck could be turning this year though, as Democrat Phil Murphy is looking like the clear favorite in this year's Gubernatorial race.

  • Toby Burrows
    Toby Burrows

    NJ Mass Transit

    The "summer of hell" may be over, but many of us are still avoiding mass transit at all costs. We'd prefer walking, biking, Uber-ing, or hitch-hiking if we can!

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    NJ Lottery Locations

    We report on actual winners all of the time, so this may not apply to everyone, but if you've ever been a part of our office pools, you know how unlucky it can be to purchase a lottery ticket. Maybe it's just us you should be avoiding though.

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    The Cemetery

    Whether you're in the ground or standing on it, this place simply doesn't bring out the smiles on any day. Avoid it on Friday the 13th.

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    The Hospital

    We have quite a few hospitals, urgent care clinics, and specialist offices in Ocean County. Please don't do anything that would necessitate visiting any of them today.

  • Photo by Justin Louis
    Photo by Justin Louis

    The Pine Barrens

    Whether it's the Jersey Devil or the Sopranos burying a dead body, the lore of the Pine Barrens may be mostly fictional, but that doesn't mean you should tempt fate on Friday the 13th. The sheer vastness of the area could spook anyone, and who knows what's down the wrong path?

  • Getty Images
    Getty Images

    Under the Boardwalk

    You probably sang this in your head, but the reality is far less romantic than the popular Drifters song suggests. Have you ever actually been under the boardwalk? It's not a place you want to spend any significant amount of time at. Do yourself a favor, and avoid it today.

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