One of the best parts of the bad weather in New Jersey has to be seeing how we all truly come together to get through it. I've made a short list of "thank you's" to everyone who has helped throughout the storm, but I'd love to add to it. Share your additions with us!

Whether you work for a township, the state, county or you're plowing for a private contractor: THANK YOU. Your hard work has certainly been recognized by all of us. I'm sorry that so many people were on the roads yesterday to get on your way, but I'm sure that all of Ocean County thanks for your sleepless weekend. Thank you to your families as well for their sacrifices. Plow drivers have families, kids, and homes they could be digging out themselves, but they were forced to leave those they love at home all weekend. I know you'll all be busy clearing extra lanes and moving snow this week, but we all hope you get some rest soon. It's very well deserved.

A true sense of gratitude goes to our emergency personnel. They worked through the weekend to keep us safe. They were there for ALL of us this weekend (even when somebody ventured onto the roads (when they weren't supposed to). Your speedy responses to all of the emergency calls for service this weekend are greatly appreciated.

In fact, Sheriff Mastronardy himself drove Dan Alexander and myself  to the radio station on Saturday morning. He was also driving a pharmacist to the hospital who he saw walking along route 37. Sheriff Mastronardy, we say thank you!

I stopped by my parent's house this afternoon, and it was really great to see the whole community on their small street in Lanoka Harbor coming together. One neighbor was offering his snowblower to the whole block. The others were helping eachother by sharing shovels, and just by being there. Where I live further south in New Jersey, we don't have quite that same support system in place. I know for a fact that there are MANY street blocks across Ocean County that really came together this weekend. I speak for your neighbors: thank you all.

This has to be one of the most heart warming parts of these large storms: strangers who will go out of their way to help you. Maybe a stranger came by to dig you out or maybe a stranger stopped to help you on the roads. A friend of mine, Dawn, posted on Facebook that she was helped be a Good Samaritan earlier today. She was stuck in some snow on the side of the road as she was heading to work this morning, and a gentleman stopped by to help her. Dawn said that plows and larger vehicles drove by without offering any help. Mike stopped by to help dig her out. Mike didn't ask for anything in return, and he wouldn't even give Dawn his address so she could thank him.