I was fast asleep Saturday night when I was awakened by a sound, a sound that had it been December......I would have thought Santa . Unfortunately when I hear climbing at this time of year I immediately think “bandit” ….. not a thief/bandit, but a four legged masked bandit! The dreaded raccoon!


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Once April and I and the dog, were all up we ran outdoors to see just what was going on. As we combed the rooftop with flashlights we saw nothing and all was quiet, but as we continued our nighttime search (2:15 am) as I poured light onto the various points of the roof low and behold I saw reflected by my flashlight! Yes we found our “bandit” and yes it was the dreaded raccoon!

Raccoons are cute yes I know and for the most part I don’t have issue with them, except when their on MY roof trying to cause THOUSANDS of dollars in damage. That being said if he/she is willing to peacefully leave, I’m fine with that.


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Our “bandit” however wasn’t moving and I needed him to go, before I tell you how this ended, check out this video we took from our kitchen several years ago, you may remember, when the raccoon invaded our home……



So how did this night end? did I shoot the “bandit” no that would have woken the whole neighborhood up lol ….. so we decided another plan of attack! April was armed in the back yard garden and I was on the front lawn when we squeezed the trigger and made it rain! Literally, we turned on both our hoses and soaked the roof and the “Bandit” and off he/she went.


If YOU have had raccoons you know they are destructive and since they came to us, well whatever we have to do to keep our home safe and intact, well that’s what we will do. Hopefully after this human encounter this “bandit” will decide the forest across the street is a much better place for a home, if not.....stay tuned


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