Bandits Are Back!
I was fast asleep Saturday night when I was awakened by a sound, a sound that had it been December......I would have thought Santa . Unfortunately when I hear climbing at this time of year I immediately think “bandit” ….. not a thief/bandit, but a four legged masked bandit! The dreaded raccoon
Shawn's House is Attacked By Raccoons! Again!
  They're back! the raccoons are back and trying to get into our house! I woke up this morning (Friday) at around 12:30 am to the sound of claws! Mrs Raccoon was up on our roof trying to find a way inside! Luckily for us she didn't get in, but we caught her red-handed and after hitting the roof with flashlights we spotted her and after my wife and I ran around the house a few times, in our pj's ..
Raccoon Rescue in Tuckerton
Just because you live in the woods, doesn't mean you can't get stuck in a tree. Tuckerton Fire Department crews and a retired state Conservation Officer jumped to the rescue on Monday after a raccoon got its head caught in a knot on a tree trunk...