I was not a happy camper this morning. As all people who live in condominium developments do, I pay an association fee monthly. That fee is supposed to cover landscaping, outdoor maintenance, and snow removal. But instead, I woke up to an untouched winter wonderland.

Now, I understand that snow removal workers have a lot of ground to cover when storms like this happen. But my condo association has usually been pretty good at getting the parking lots plowed and the main sidewalks cleared early.

Not today.

And I don't think that I was holding them to an unrealistic expectation since this storm was predicted and expected days in advance, and I usually don't leave for work until around 11 (it's not like I was expecting 100% snow removal by 7am or anything).

When I took a look out my front door at 9:30, the fields of snow were undisturbed. An hour later, when I decided that I'd have to wield a shovel myself if I was going to get to work on time, there still wasn't a plow or professional shoveler in sight (although I could at least hear some plowing going on in some distant area of the development)

Thankfully, partly with credit to driving a manual transmission, I was able to get myself out of my parking lot and onto plowed roads outside of the complex. I'm hoping that it will be a different scene when I get home this evening.

So how was the snow removal in your neighborhood today? Tell us in the comments!