I've been a waitress (excuse me server) on and off in between radio gigs and let me tell you, it's hard work. It's hard not just physically, but mentally as well. You learn a lot about yourself doing that job and you learn a lot about other people too.  I remember when I was a server at a certain fondue restaurant and my manager got a kick out of calling me "radio girl" and having me crawl on the floor at the end of the night with a flashlight to scoop up crumbs with my bare hands.  He would insist on exact change at closing time and made me go out to my car to find him seven cents. Rules are rules, but after the restaurant was closed did he really have to tell me that "the help goes out the back" and make me walk around the building through a dark parking lot late at night to scrounge for pennies? He enjoyed talking down to me and it was humbling. Even the guests had their moments, after all they were being over-charged for hot cheese so they at least wanted to get some superiority out of it.

I found that the only way to get through it was to vent with other servers. There were so many rants last time, I wanted to dip back in and ask more of you how you feel in the food industry now that things are opening back up. It's such a popular subject that there's a Facebook group just for servers called "Extra Ranch" with almost 160K members!  Here's your server vent session part 2:

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What do people going out to eat need to stop doing?

Greg Myers
Don't let your little kids order for themselves! I know you want to have a "teachable moment" and let your 4 year old take ten minutes to try to tell me what he wants for dinner but I'm freaking busy. Also, don't give your kid five choices because I'll let you in on a little secret...THEY CHOOSE THE LAST THING YOU TELL THEM EVERY SINGLE TIME. Kids under 5 have the memory of a frog lady. If I wanted to "work with little Jimmy" I would have been a pre-school teacher.

Shalya Ruffino
Why do women think they can CLEAN OUT THEIR PURSE at the table while they are waiting on their check? I should have to clean up your used gum wrappers, receipts, old pens, used up lipstick? WTH??? Do that at home!

Christopher Rizzo
Play grabby grab with my tookus

Christine Wilkinson
Get off your phone! It's so rude when they are on their cell and you cant get any eye contact or even a hello...

Kat Senese
When the @*$%! who thinks he is in charge waves you away when you come for the drink order and asks for water for the entire table of twelve

Macy Tyler
When they do the two finger wave and say "come on...come on!" like I'm their pet!

Summer Pollack Jacobs
When people say they’re ready to order, then realize they’re actually not and stare at the menu as if they’ve never seen it before. You’ll ask “do you need another moment? I can give you a moment and come right back,” and they’ll say “no, I’m ready” and continue to stare at the menu, ask you different questions about the 3 things they’re torn between and actually were in fact not ready to order (now or ever), and MY GOD JUST ORDER SOMETHING.

Calvin Hicks
1). Continuing to talk when you’re presenting the features.
2). Showing up 5 minutes before closing and expecting to “take their time” making decisions - all while detaining the kitchen to prepare their order.
3). Poorly tipping or not tipping at all.
4). Thinking there are no other guests in the restaurant (your section) and that they deserve to run-you-to-death for items that they don’t end up needing or using.

Summer Pollack Jacobs.
..oh and this too...“Can I have my burger medium well? With just a little bit of pink, sort of crispy and burnt on the outside, more like a well done medium well?”
Seriously, how many of these do you want it?

Diana Muratschew Buckley
I was a cocktail waitress and bartender and I know all about the variations of tips, I loved it when guys used to buy a beer for 4.75 and hand me a $5 and tell me to “keep the change”. I ALWAYS tip well wherever I go...

Nancy Martinez
When someone orders a to-go and does not tip. I still have to put your order in, package it and get it ready for you. If I'm in charge of the to-gos then I'm not getting tables that night. Yes, you still tip with to-gos!

Ordering something, but making many many modifications!! Add on or no mushrooms/onions that is ok! More than two or three changes, maybe you need to order something else, because that is not what you want!  If there is a problem with your drink or food please tell your server right away! We can't fix the problem after you ate it!

Mary Lou
Don't ask for things one at a time.... please don't run me to death! Can I get ketchup.... can I get an extra napkin..... oh... he needs another drink.....

Andy LaRue
When a table of 12 orders one more drink every time the server returns with a drink. The worst!

Lisa Hatzenbeller
When people shake their glass or snap their fingers when they want another drink. I would be happy to grab another drink if they can use their words.

Hillary Corrigan
When they move themselves to a different table than the one where they were seated without having a host or hostess move them.

Shouting your order as I run by because you aren't patient enough to wait for the bartender!

Alison Everett
Same joke over and over at the fondue place:  “Why do we have to pay to cook our own food?”

Jana Zenanko
Interrupt when your with another table, tap/slam their glass/bottle trying to get the bartenders attention, tell you they are good tippers all night to find out THAT'S A TOTAL LIE and when they say it's all on one ticket but then they want you to separate it into 18 tickets.

Janine Castellano
I have thankfully been out of the business for 5 years now but ...... I have PTSD. If they tell you they’re going to leave you a good tip, they never do, when they run you to death needling something every time you come back. They try to talk to you while you’re taking another table's order. The worst thing I ever saw happen was when someone wanted to get a waiter's attention, they poked him in his butt with a steak knife while he was talking to another table.

Moe Bryan
I’m a server, not a servant......

I think Moe's comment sums it up PERFECTLY!

Got more? I'm here for you email me at Shannon@943thepoint.com

These are just a few...whew!  I'm glad we let that out. Servers we see you and THANK YOU!

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