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Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels

It's a new trend that continues to grow, marketing research that rewards people for taking part. The one I am highlighting is Shopkick. My Wife recently began using this app and she seems to like it. It's a simple process you scan certain retail items and gain points, you can then redeem points for gift cards to various stores, restaurants, etc.

Shopkick is an American company based in Silicon Valley, California. This particular app rewards users for shopping in stores and online. Users can also get rewards by scanning items and receipts. April says she "loves" the app so far and looks forward to claiming her rewards.

I Wanted to see what WOBM listeners thought so we asked for their input on our Facebook page.

Iva: "A friend of mine does it oh, she loves it"

Deborah: " I do. Tons of kicks in my account. Saving up for something big. Possible Disney gift cards for a trip"

Michelle: I love Shopkick !! I have gotten some really good gift cards over the years"

Chrissy: " I love it. You don't even have to go in or buy anything"

Melanie: " We have had it for a few years now. It was a lot of effort to scan everything. It got to be not too worth it. I haven't even looked at it in a long time. Has it changed?"

Kim: Is it a martial art?

Beth: " To much of a pain"

To me it seems the major impact with Shopkick is to steer traffic into businesses. Shopkick CEO Cyriac Roeding believes the number one challenge for businesses is simply getting foot traffic .... this is one way. Looks like it's up to Shopkick users whether they buy items or not.

Shopkick will not transfer certain user data to it's commercial partners, instead opting to share with businesses after it has been aggregated and made anonymous.

Similar apps include ShopTracker, Acorns, Swagbucks, Drop etc

Do YOU use any similar apps for rewards through technology?

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