Downtown Toms River has a new lunch spot, and it's now open. So I took the opportunity to walk over to Meanbean Burritos & Beyond for lunch and check out what they have to offer.

First, you notice the menu - it's simple. And I like that. You're not going to stand there for 15 minutes trying to decide what you want while a line of hungry people grows behind you.


Photo by Justin Louis


They're a burrito joint. It's in their name. It's that simple.

So I decided to go with a chicken burrito.

The staff was friendly and put my meal together quickly.

I got back to the office and unwrapped my lunch. The first thing I noticed is that it's a big burrito. I definitely won't be hungry again in an hour.

The next thing that stuck out to me was the flavor. There are so many burrito chains these days that go from bland to spicy with nothing in between. I purposefully went with the mild pico de gallo so I could really get the flavor of the meat, rice, and beans. And it's good. The marinade for the chicken has a nice bite to it that's just right. It's not too spicy, but it's got enough bite to let you know you're eating it.

All in all, my first Meanbean experience was a good one. I'll definitely be back to check out their other options.

If you want to check out Meanbean Burritos & Beyond for yourself, they're at 73 Main Street, where the Java Joint used to be, and they're open 8am - 9pm daily. If you stop by, be sure to tell them that WOBM sent you!