Tips For When Favorite Shows Go On Hiatus
Don’t laugh but I’m having some emotional difficulty because one of my favorite TV shows just ended.  “This Is Us” aired its season finale last night and I’m already missing it!  Are you “Big Three&Close…
Casting Call For New TV Series in Seaside Heights!
It's a new reality show called "I Love Summer" and it will be filmed in Seaside Heights. It will follow roommates as they work here at the Shore in Seaside and have fun during Summer at the Jersey Shore!
18ToLife Productions will be holding preliminary casting calls this weeken…
Which Guilty Pleasure Reality Show Are You Watching?
It sounds contradictory but sometimes I escape reality by watching so-called "reality shows" on TV.  My latest guilty pleasures are Project Runway Junior and America's Next Top Model.  Cameras follow designers and models around and show their failures and successes a…
Do You Celebrate Festivus ?
A holiday celebrated by those seeking an alternative to the commercialism and pressures of the Christmas holiday season ~ Wikipedia
Do you celebrate "Festivus" ?
"Festivus" was made famous on Seinfeld and always brings a laugh at the Holidays. If your n…
‘Westworld’ Season Finale Recap
Okay, so I guess William got that mole of his taken off at some point? Who knew he was so into cosmetic surgery? He should have gotten some plugs for that bald head of his while he was at it.

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