Do You Celebrate Festivus ?
A holiday celebrated by those seeking an alternative to the commercialism and pressures of the Christmas holiday season ~ Wikipedia
Do you celebrate "Festivus" ?
"Festivus" was made famous on Seinfeld and always brings a laugh at the Holidays. If your n…
‘Westworld’ Season Finale Recap
Okay, so I guess William got that mole of his taken off at some point? Who knew he was so into cosmetic surgery? He should have gotten some plugs for that bald head of his while he was at it.
Feeling Left Out Of Some National Pastimes
Ever feel left out of a conversation or think you're the only one who doesn't like something that everyone else loves?  Today's a day for me to ask, "what am I missing?"  I'm referring to football and videogames.
It was apparently a big football day yesterday because two phone calls I made …

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