Why does April 15th always come so quickly?  If you're a tax procrastinator like me, this time of year can be stressful, unless you're the type who thrives under pressure.

There's a common thread that runs through all the expert advice on the subject of getting your taxes done:  Don't tackle everything all at once on April 14th.  It's better to work in small segments:  maybe organize your receipts one night and your w-2s or 1099s another night.  If you use tax preparation software, take advantage of the fact you can enter information in bits and pieces.  I'm a big fan of professional tax preparers, but I also know people who do taxes themselves who find the IRS.Gov website is a good resource, with easy access to tax forms and frequently asked questions.

If your tax stress is making you eat lots of greasy comfort food and/or candy, here's a friendly reminder that it's better to fuel up on things like fruit, nuts, and yogurt.   When you're feeling anxious, or your neck or eyes are tired from sitting at the computer or looking down at receipts, try stretching, deep breathing, or a little exercise.

I find that when I'm lacking motivation, it helps me to just START somewhere.  Maybe you can organize your receipts, or mark off items on your credit card bills.  Perhaps just clearing the desk and setting your tax forms, w-2s and calculator down will set the stage for you.   Do you have any suggestions for how to prepare your taxes?  Please share in the comments section.

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