New Jersey is reportedly densely populated by loud talkers. And if you expect us to apologize for it, think again.

Yeah, we're loud AF. It's just who we are. Are you new here? Lol.


It only takes a glimpse of one Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion show or episode of MTV's Jersey Shore to see when Jersey natives speak, argument or not, we're BOOMING.

Maybe our deafening tone comes from generations of having to yell over factory or industrial noise or just each other. New Jersey's home to lots of people with Italian and Irish heritage, like me, and talking passionately is just in our nature. We talk loudly TO each other, AT each other, and OVER each other.

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Often times, when someone from New Jersey speaks, it sounds like we're yelling, even when we're not.

New research shows residents in the Garden State rank pretty high on a list of the loudest states in America, but there's a hefty side of hypocrisy to go along with it. I'll explain.

The folks at Preply endeavored to determine what states are the worst offenders when it comes to talking loudly and then worked them into a list.

METHODOLOGY: Preply reportedly asked people in every state which activity they are guilty of (putting phone on speaker in public, chewing with their mouth open, etc.) to determine which states are the loudest.

New Jersey is home to the third loudest talkers in the nation.


So, which states ranked above us? You'd think New York and Massachusetts. But, nope. We're bested by Florida (#2) and Louisiana (#1).

Here's the most ironic statistic of Preply's study: 85% of New Jersey residents think it's rude when people are loud in public.

Evidently, we do not notice OURSELVES, lol. We're not very cognizant of our own loudness.

America's Top 3 Loudest States:

1. Louisiana (loudness score of 94.7, according to Preply)

2. Florida (loudness score of 90.7)

3. New Jersey (loudness score of 90.6)

America's Top 3 Quietest States:

1. West Virginia


3. Maine

So, New Jersey, should we just STFU?

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