NJ Families Are Among The Closest In The US
It's not uncommon to travel throughout Ocean County and see multiple generations of a family spending time together. In fact, in New Jersey and New York, adults live closer to their parents than only one other area of the country.
Kids Moved Out: Now What? Advice For Empty Nesters
This weekend my niece moved away to college.  She's starting as a Freshman.  My nephew, her brother, also moved back to school.  He's going into his Junior year.  What this means is that my sister, after 20 years of having children in the house, is an empty nester...
Do You Favor One Child Over Another?
It may be normal, but that does not make it ok. When it comes to playing favorites in a household, if a parent aligns him or herself with one child over another, it can disrupt the dynamic of the family.

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