I have so much respect for parents.  I don't have any children of my own but know that it is, at times, the toughest job in the world.  It can also be the most rewarding, according to the mothers and fathers I've talked to.

Did you see how happy and proud Lindsey Vonn's mom looked last night?  Have you seen all the cheering going on by parents watching their kids make their Olympic dreams come true?  Those moments must feel incredible!

But on the flip side, seeing your child fall and get hurt must be unbearable!  Watching the Halfpipe Skiing last night, I gasped in horror as I saw two bad accidents.  French skiier Kevin Rolland and American Torin Yater-Wallace took ugly spills that were really hard to look at.  Can you imagine how their loved ones felt seeing the falls?  It appears both guys will be okay but all that drama on the slopes has me asking:  Why do people do these dangerous activities?  And parents, how do you handle your kids being involved in risky things like extreme sports?

Clearly these athletes are passionate about the sport.  They have really high highs but the lows, frankly, could seriously injure, disfigure, or kill them!

Am I just a scaredy cat?  What am I not understanding?  Please share in the Comments section why you think the thrill of victory is worth the risk when the agony of defeat seems, well, pretty agonizing for the athlete and their loved ones.

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