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Shawn & Sue's Year in Review 2017 [VIDEO]
As we get set to ring in 2018 we thought we'd take a look back at a great 2017! Check out our video review, you may even spot yourself! Thanks to our great listeners and community partners who made 2017 another great year with 92.7 WO...
It's Good Riddance Day - Get Details!
Has 2016 been a "eh" kinda year for you? Well today is "Good Riddance Day" and now you can say goodbye to 2016 and any bad memories or frustrations!
There's two ways to do is to head up to Times Square today at noon and have officials shred your 2016 frustration or if y…
10 Ways To Make Ocean County a Better Place To Live
We are just days away from the New Year, and I thought I'd share some ways you can make Ocean County a better place to live in 2017.

Donate Food To a Local Food Pantry
Become a Big Brother/Big Sister to an Area Child
Help an Area Battered Women's Shelter
Volunteer at a Local Soup Kitchen
Donate Books t…
Check Out The Top Resolutions For 2017
It's that time of year again, time to make those "New Year's Resolutions". Do you even bother making resolutions for the New Year? Share with us what your resolutions are ....
Here's some of the top resolutions ....

Lose Weight
Pay Bills
Quit Smoking
Get Your Home Cleaned
Exercise More
Read a Go…

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