Seafood Obsessed: The Best Raw Bars At The Jersey Shore
My husband Tony and I were just saying it's not Summer until we're sitting outside looking at the ocean and shooting down fresh raw clams and oysters covered in hot sauce at the Jersey Shore! We eat em' all and there are so many places to get your fix! I'm sooooo ready for a glas…
Open House at Exit 82 Theatre Company in Toms River
It's a New Year and a fantastic New Year for the gang at Exit 82 Theatre Company!  What a great group of awesome people that run Exit 82.  I'm so proud of this theatre group.  They've come so far and keep getting better and better, thanks to their dreams and the awesome…
Laugh With Shawn & Sue
We've had some fun this year!  Do you remember some of these great moments with us!
THANK YOU for always depending on us to get you up in the morning and having breakfast with you and your family!  We love every minute of it.
Here are the top 6 videos of us having fun cho…

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