I'm going to make a bold declaration here: Donuts are the new cupcake. In fact, I’m not even a cupcake girl…cupcakes look amazing but I’ve never tasted one that ever compared to a great donut. I’ll double down, a donut without filling is about as useful as a decaf coffee. I go alllll in.  I think my love of donuts started as a kid. In the summer we would wake up early and ride our bikes on the boardwalk to go to the bakery and you could smell the donuts being made way before you ever saw them. Also, donuts are one of the only deserts that society says is OK to have for breakfast. Try eating a cupcake for breakfast in front of your mother and see what happens! Jersey knows donuts, especially the Jersey Shore, so I decided to share some of my favorite finds in case you're up for donut detail yourself.

Avalon: Duck Donuts are makin’ em’ fresh every day! Try the maple bacon donut or if you're like me, you'll love their boston cream!

Photo credit: Duck Donuts Facebook

Wildwood has a gem in Fractured Prune. They serve up more than a donut, it's an experience! Get ready for a hot, fresh donut with endless combinations, made to order. They also have locations in Ocean City, Sea Isle and their Wildwood spot moved to 2102 Boardwalk.  Smell that salt air and eat that sweet magic.

Photo credit: FracturedPrune.com

Main Street Donuts in Belmar makes custom gourmet donuts before your very eyes. Nothing is off limits!  I'm blown away at their Zeppole donut. My Italian grandmother would be so proud!

Photo credit: Main Street Donuts Facebook

Shore Good Donuts in Long Beach Island is fantastic. Any donut shop that puts M&Ms on their donuts has my vote.

Photo credit: Shore Good Donuts Facebook

Right across the street from our radio station is Uncle Doode's Donuts in Toms River. I had a fresh made Cannoli Cream donut and I almost ate the wax paper it was served on.  Dooooode that was a good donut.

Photo credit: Uncle Doods Donuts Facebook

I also found this list of the craziest must try donut creations and since the places I mentioned above will customize your donut with enough notice, how how trying some ideas off this list like a pink lemonade, cream cheese and chive, or a root beer float donut? Don't knock it until you try it!

I have a feeling that this is a craze that’s going to stick to our lips and to my hips. Want to add to this list? By all means! Email me www.shannon@943thepoint.com and I’ll just have to "take one for the team" and do that sweet donut research!

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