For privacy purposes, we are not going to tell you the name of the employee, but what we can tell you is that he works at the Burger King in Toms River and really made an impact on some hungry customers.

As a person that worked in fast food for almost six years, I can tell you that it's not an easy task. You get rude people, people who always think they are right, and just plain stupidity to deal with. So as you can probably imagine, it's hard to keep a smile all of the time, but there are some out there, like this gentlemen, that can and it's inspiring.

In a long, heartfelt status that was posted to a local Facebook group, a Jersey Shore mother describes the experience she had at her local Burger King a few weeks ago:

Thank you for being so kind to my son and his hockey teammates while they ordered food after their game. Thank you for taking the time to ask how they were, where they are from and why they are in town. Thank you for then using yourself as an example and encouraging them to stay in school, continue to play sports and to do good and not screw off!

She goes on to say that the employee shared a story about his life and childhood:

Thank you for sharing your own story of why you are where you are today and how you just wish you took school and your younger years more seriously and because of that how hard you have to work in minimum wage paying jobs and yet still struggle to just get by because of the choices you had made.

The mother ends the heartfelt status with another "thank you" and mentions that while it might have been "nothing" to others, it really struck a cord with herself and her son, "So caring and humble that you shared your own life, past and current struggles with a few young men that you didn’t even know!"

The post racked up thousands of likes and shares and hundreds of comments praising the employee for his actions.

You can see the full post, here.

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