A prisoners 2nd chance at life
Life is about earning a second chance when you've done wrong, but is there a limit to how many second chances you get? In the Final Part of our Series on Jail Life, a repeat drug offender at the Monmouth County Correctional Institution insists this time is for real.
How Bail Reform affects an inmates rehab
Does bail reform help or hurt more people, particularly drug offenders? On Day Four of our series about Jail Life at the Monmouth County Correctional Institution, Sheriff Shaun Golden explains how bail reform has thrown a wrench in the rehab process.
Do You Unpack Immediately After Vacation?
My suitcase is sitting in the middle of my bedroom floor and I've been walking around it since returning home from vacation.  Clearly, doing laundry has not been a priority.  There have been other, more important, things to do after being away for a week...
How To Fold A Fitted Sheet Properly [Video]
I live alone. I have nobody to impress. I'll be honest, when it's laundry day, I just wad up the fitted bed sheet and stuff it into my linen closet. Trying to figure out how to get fitted sheets nice and flatly folded is a huge pain so, honestly, I don't even bother. But I'll def…

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