There are few things better than finding the perfect pair of jeans - a set that fits just right and is the perfect color. The only problem is, when you do find them, you don't want to wash them because you know they'll start to fade and, worse, shrink.

So you end up wearing them until they can practically stand up by themselves. And then it's finally time to wash them. The next time you go to put them on, it's just not the same. They're a little tight in the wrong places, and they're not that perfect pair anymore.

So then there's the debate - how long should you wear those perfect jeans until it's time to finally give in and throw them in the wash? A lot of people have a lot of different opinions.

In fact, a guy who should know jeans, the CEO of Levi's says that you shouldn't wash your jeans. Like, ever.

So what's your general rule of thumb? How long do you go between jean washes? Tell us in the comments!

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