A Seaside Home with an Inspiring Visual Message
A Seaside Home with an Inspiring Visual Message During The Coronavirus Pandemic ...... This is Easter week and a very holy time of year for many throughout Ocean County. It has been an extremely rough time here in Jersey during the coronavirus pandemic.
Rock Painting!
"Rock Painting" is something new to my Wife and I. This past weekend it was "Drop a Rock Day" and that's when we discovered this new activity. People "paint" rocks with inspiring messages and you find them and collect them or re-hide somewhe…
Inspiration For Ocean County’s Gardens
Are you ready for the first weekend of Spring 2016? That's right, this past Sunday marked the official start of Spring, and with temperatures in the 70's most of this week, I bet most of us are ready to get started on all of those outdoor projects that have been waiting all Winter...
Inspiring Message Of Love
What do dancing skeletons have to do with love? When you take away skin color, gender, age, and other attributes, it shows that love is just love. Watch this inspiring video that presents an important message - "Love Has No Labels":
Watch – An Inspirational Dog Will Touch Your Heart [Video]
There are few stories better than inspirational animal stories. And "Pig" the dog definitely fits the bill. Pig was born with a plethora of physical limitations - she's missing part of her spine, she has fused and twisted vertebrae, is missing a number of ribs and has twisted hips. But to …
This Young Man’s Good Deed Will Warm Your Heart [Video]
If we saw someone drop money in public, most of us would give it back, right? Recently, a customer at a Midwest Dairy Queen saw a fellow customer drop a $20 bill. The man dropping the bill didn't realize it because he was blind. Instead of giving it back, though, the woman pocketed it. What a D…

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