What an interesting weekend it was.  Starting with Friday's inauguration, I heard from some of you who were watching coverage of our new president, and others who had no interest.  Then people had a lot to say about Saturday's marches around the world.  My Facebook feed was full of photos and comments from people who were at the demonstrations, and then responses from people who didn't understand or didn't support the events.

Because of such passion FOR and AGAINST the new administration, I think Americans are going to get more involved in causes they believe in.  Just in my circle of friends and associates someone has committed to attending the school board meetings that she usually skips.  Another is volunteering with an environmental group.  Another is going to get involved with a Republican women's organization.  And another is inquiring about a neighborhood watch group.

No matter what your political beliefs, here in America we do have the FREEDOM to get involved in causes we care about.  In the past I've expressed my upset about the divisiveness of the country.  But if now those strong passions are lighting a fire in citizens to get off the couch and volunteer, something great will have come out of these conflicted times.

Are you or someone you know now inspired to help an organization, volunteer for a cause, or get more involved?

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