Are You Talking More Politics These Days, Or Less?
Well it seems I'm not the only one feeling confused and conflicted about politics these days. As the country gets ready to inaugurate a new president tomorrow, what have you noticed at your favorite Ocean County diner?  Or on your Facebook feed...
Neptune “Connection” Broadens Monmouth Government Reach
Once a quiet stretch of rural state highway between Routes 34 and 35, Route 66 in Neptune these days extends the Route 33 commercial district eastward with big-box stores, auto dealerships and an outlet mall. Now, everyone who crowds into those parking lots can also get Monmouth County government se…
Which Double-Speak Drives You Nuts?
I'm asking only because I haven't been able to rid my mind of a piece of information that crossed my desk recently, about an impending installation of a traffic signal. It was termed a "traffic calming device."