Well it seems I'm not the only one feeling confused and conflicted about politics these days. As the country gets ready to inaugurate a new president tomorrow, what have you noticed at your favorite Ocean County diner?  Or on your Facebook feed?  Are people having a lot of political discussions?  Or are they deliberately avoiding talking about the government?

This has been a strange time, pre- and post-election.   As I mentioned in yesterday's blog, I've never seen such divisiveness before.   I'm noticing people more inspired to speak their minds; whether they voted for Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump.   The Hilary fans are expressing concerns and are pointing out Trump's flaws.  The Trump supporters keep flaunting their victory and are promising brighter days ahead.

But I think another thing we're seeing is that some people are just shutting down.  They've had it with all the negativity.  They're sick of the polarization.  They're seeking comfort in positive TV shows and simple pleasures where there's no chance of a political debate breaking out.

How are you feeling these days:  Feisty and Vocal?  Or Fed Up and Tuning Out?

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