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How To Get What You Want From Customer Service
With a whole lot of people shopping today as Amazon's "Prime Day" has grown to become a shopper's delight on par with Black Friday, we can be sure that in addition to the joy of catching a deal, plenty of people will also have buyer's remorse.
Getting The Best Customer Service In Ocean County
Going the extra mile seems to have gone out of style.  At least I thought it did.  After what seems like a long period of dealing with ignorant workers, grumpy cashiers, and dismissive managers, the tide steems to have turned.  In recent days I've been very impressed with people …
How To Panic Someone In Less Than A Minute
I almost had a heart attack a few minutes ago. I got what I thought was one of those phone calls that nobody wants to get. It turns out that it was just a customer service representative who could have done a better job of choosing his words.
Find Out What City Tips The Best
Tipping is a topic that I like to come back to every now and then because I think that it will always spark discussions. Recently, a poll came out of the US cities that are the best for tipping. What would you guess made the top of the list?

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