Going the extra mile seems to have gone out of style.  At least I thought it did.  After what seems like a long period of dealing with ignorant workers, grumpy cashiers, and dismissive managers, the tide steems to have turned.  In recent days I've been very impressed with people I've encountered at various retail establishments.

The woman at Home Depot who committed to finding the perfect cleaning product for me.  She read the fine print on the bottles and then checked online and watched a video to make sure it would do what I needed it to do (remove mold from the bathroom ceiling.)  Then there was the cable guy who spent extra time explaining how to set up and interact with the new equipment.  He even offered his cell number if I had any questions.

And the Shop Rite staffer who didn't just tell me what aisle to go to but actually walked me over and found the product on the shelf for me.

You may be thinking, "But these people are just doing their jobs.  They're supposed to provide good customer service."  Yes, but when you haven't witnessed it for a while, it's really noticable.  And appreciated.

I was sure to thank each of these people for their time and assistance.  So often we find ourselves complaining so I just wanted to write a positive post for all of you who try hard to help your customers have a good experience.

Let's give credit where credit is due.  What are some businesses in Ocean County where you always get great customer service?


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