From the sky-ride to the Ferris wheel, Seaside is a great place to head with the family, especially as we get ready for summer in Ocean County.

My favorite ride is the Ferris wheel, I love it.

Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels

I didn't even mention walking or biking on the boardwalk in the morning. Stop for breakfast on the boardwalk and feel the morning sun while riding or walking. I know at nighttime the boardwalk comes alive, but I'll take the morning all the time on the boards. And of course, a visit with us at the Ocean View Restaurant on Friday mornings as we broadcast live from the Seaside Heights Boardwalk.

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Several weeks ago I had you tell me through app chat and email what your favorite ride is on the Seaside Heights Boardwalk, Casino Pier. Woah, this ride was chosen way more than any other ride on the boardwalk. It's a lot of fun.

What is the number one ride on the Seaside Heights Boardwalk?

It goes around in a circle, and backward. It is loud but a good loud with music. Everyone loves it. It's the Musik Express.

From Casino Pier, Youtube

There are so many things to do on the Seaside Heights Boardwalk. The soft sand, it's not shelly, it feels good walking through the sand. After a day on the beach and heading to the boardwalk at night, with a sun-kissed face with that salt air, it always feels so good. Maybe even a little chilly on a hot summer night. The boardwalk and the rides come alive with the sunsets.

Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels

Speaking of sunsets the sunrise is something that is absolutely beautiful in Seaside. Yes, your kids will have to get up early but believe me, it's worth it.

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