The first time I discovered Howe St. in Bay Head, right off 35, was during the Christmas Season.  We loved the festive feel of the entire beach entrance.

They did such a great job decorating that area for the best holiday photo opportunity during the holidays.  By the way, these photos from Christmas time really make me miss the holiday season.

Kyle Anthony
Kyle Anthony

We got word that this same street, had another display, that was worth seeing.

The next holiday on deck and displayed off of Howe St. in Bay Head is St. Patrick's Day.  As you know, the holiday is March 17th, and celebrations, including parades, will start as soon as this weekend, including the Belmar parade (see you there.)

Now, there was a little blue and yellow surprise as I was walking around taking photos.

Embedded in this new holiday display, was something very special in the sand, represented by painted shells.  I think you are getting the idea.

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With everything happening in the world, we are seeing politicians, countries, and everyday people showing support for Ukraine and their people.

All eyes are on Ukraine, all eyes are on their leader, and everyone is talking about the heroism and bravery of the Ukrainian people.

As I was looking around, I was surprised by what I found while looking at the new display off of Howe St.

There was a Ukrainian flag embedded in the sand, within a St. Patrick's Day display off of Howe St. in Bay Head.

Here is how you can help the families and refugees from the Ukraine conflict.

There are so many ways you can help and support these families.  Show your support here.

If you haven't seen the green shamrocks, the Irish flags, the signs, and the hats, it is a must-see.  While you're there, make sure you spot the blue and yellow flag to show support of the Ukrainian people here at the Jersey Shore.


St. Patrick's Day Display in Ocean County, NJ

Howe St. displayed their green for St. Patrick's Day for the upcoming holiday. There was also a show of support for Ukraine within the sand.

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