Sunday is the national holiday that does not come with a day off although some 16 million people will take Monday off and another 7 plus million will be late.

Businesses and companies might be better off closing because Monday is so unproductive that approximately a billion dollars in revenue will be lost across the country.  One can only imagine what it will be like in Philadelphia and South Jersey if a certain team that has never won a Super Bowl finally gets that monkey off their back.

Of course Super Bowl LII (52) will find the Eagles facing the Patriots Sunday (6:30 p.m.) inside U.S. Bank Stadium which will be about 60 degrees warmer than the outside temperature in Minneapolis.

Super Bowl Sunday is always a big deal but even more so this year in our area because long-suffering Eagle fans are hoping the third time is the charm after losing Super Bowl appearances in 1981 and 2005.  Some will make the trip and hope to witness history in person but most will watch the game on TV in their or someone else’s home or possibly in a loud bar with plenty of Eagle fans.

Those fans and 111 million other Americans will not only watch the game on TV but the commercials, halftime show and more.  They will do so while consuming about 11 million pounds of potato chips, 4 million pounds of pretzels and 280 million avocados for their favorite dips.  Add in 1.3 billion chicken wings (57% use ranch dressing while 35% go with my favorite bleu cheese), 14 billion hamburgers and pizza. Pizza Hut expects to sell about 2.5 million pies on Sunday.

Wash it all down with over 50 million cases of beer and now we know why antacid sales will be up by about 20 per cent on Monday.

Like many of you I am suffering from Brady, Belichick and Patriot burnout. Eight Super Bowl appearances in 17 years is overexposure.  However the only thing I root for that comes from Philadelphia is a cheese steak so I’ll pick New England 26-21.

Enjoy the game and no matter who wins I will be at work on Monday.





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