Did you hear that filmmaker John Waters is offering a "campy" summer camp for adults?  The "Hairspray" director will give campers a chance to smoke cigars, take burlesque lessons, and jump on a bungee trampoline.  If that doesn't interest you, there are some other options for adult camping.  Apparently these camps for grown ups are becoming quite popular.

Some sound a bit wild.  Apparently the booze flows freely!  Others are more nostalgic and wholesome.  They encourage campers to disconnect from devices and enjoy more wholesome activities like arts and crafts, talent shows, and rock climbing. Lots of  physical activities are planned, just like when you went to camp as a kid.

Or maybe, like me, you never went to camp as a child.  For this reason, I'd be really interested in having a week or two at one of these adult oriented retreats.  I know that unplugging and being surrounded by nature is a great way to recharge batteries.

I'm also thinking these adult camps could be great for people who did not love camp as a kid.  For the children who were shy or picked on, or not very good with the physical challenges...maybe adult camp is a way for them to get a do-over.  And for those who have fond memories of their camp days, they could get more of what they loved by booking time at one of the grown up camps.

Did you go to summer camp as a kid?  Would you consider going to camp as an adult?


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