I had no idea about these laws in New Jersey.

You will be saying to yourself, "What?" These are just ridiculous.

The Garden State has many laws that make sense but these just have me thinking, "Why in the world"?

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We have gun control laws and some of the strictest gun laws in the country, which is really great in my books. And New Jersey requires individuals to obtain a permit to purchase a handgun.

We move onto driving, we have some of the strictest driving laws in the country. Especially strict penalties for driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs, thank goodness, another good one.

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Those are just two of the good laws in New Jersey.

Some of these stupid laws are just down right strange and stupid. My question is did you ever break any of these laws?

5 Stupid Laws in New Jersey

#1 - It's illegal to frown at a New Jersey Police Officer

#2 - **This is a bird law** Can a bird go to jail? It is illegal for birds to poop on New Jersey statues.

#3 - In Trenton only (ha ha ha) - You can eat pickles on Sunday and you can't throw a pickle into the road on any day. This is only in Trenton. I guess in Toms River, you can throw pickles into the road. That's funny.

#4 - It's illegal to offer alcohol or tobacco products to animals in New Jersey. What? Really?

#5 - It's illegal for your horn to go off while you're having "whoopie" in your car. Ok...

Click here for more weird or stupid laws in New Jersey.

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