Police in Stafford Township are asking you to have a converstion with an elderly loved one on how to avovid becoming a victim of an elderly/grandparent scam after an arrest was made last week where an 87-year old woman was asked to give up $20,000.

If you receive a call where someone says your child, grandchild has been arrested and you need to hand over a large amount of money for bail, hang up and call your family members to confirm, and then the police.

In hte Beach Haven West section of Stafford, police were alerted to a "Grandparent's Scam" in progress on Thursday morning.

Police immediately went to the residence where an 87-year old woman was on the phone with a scammer who had told her, her grandson was under arrest, and they needed $20,000 for his bail.

The scammer told the woman to stay on the phone and that they would come to her home and pick up the cash, so that her grandson could be released from custody.

Two Detectives then set up surveillance inside the home, and two others waited outside.

He took the bait.

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When 41-year old Ramon Hurtado of West 177th Street in New York, New York arrived on the scene to collect the money, he was arrested by Stafford Police Detectives and then charged with Conspiracy to commit Theft by Deception, Criminal Attempt of Theft by Deception, and Resisting Arrest.

Hurtado was then brought to the Ocean County Jail.

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