On this gloomy, stormy winter day, I want to let you know that visions of spring are just about an hour away at the Philadelphia Flower Show.  If you go, anytime between now and Sunday, here's what you'll find:  Flowers and trees of almost every size, shape, and color.  I should probably spell that, "colour," as this year's Flower Show has a British theme complete with English roses and Royal Palace gates that greet visitors upon arrival.   The show's centerpiece is a sculptural, digitally enhanced rendition of Big Ben, featuring a light and sound show every hour, which was one of the highlights for me.  It features some of the British comedians and musicians we all love.  Plus it's an opportunity to just stand still for 5 minutes, giving tired feet a chance to rest.  You'll want to wear comfy shoes if you go, because there's so much to see!  The PHS Philadelphia Flower Show is the nation's largest indoor flower show.  In addition to all the horticultural displays, there's a big marketplace for buying flowers and floral inspired jewelry, clothing, gardening items, and home decor.  While there at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, you might want to participate in a flower arranging contest, attend a presentation by a gardening expert, or make your own "fascinator," those stylish hats popularized at the Royal weddings.

This year's show really is "Brilliant!" as the Brits like to say.  If you'd like more information, and details about the schedule and parking, visit www.theflowershow.com.  As someone who has, shall we say, a brown thumb, I was really inspired by all the natural beauty shown at this Pennsylvania Horticultural Society event.  Who knows, I might try my hand at gardening this spring!  Do you have a green thumb?  Do you enjoy gardening?  Please post your comments below!