🔵 Toms River Council set to vote on lowering speed limit on well traveled road

🔵 Cedar Grove Elementary School on the road where speed limit is being lowered

🔵 The ordinance lowering speed limit in Toms River is on agenda at upcoming council meeting

The governing body in Toms River Township is closing in on lowering the speed limit for the entire stretch of Cedar Grove Road.

(Photo: Google Maps)
(Photo: Google Maps)

For much of Cedar Grove Road, the speed limit is 35 mph but as you get further past Cedar Grove Elementary School -- where it drops to 25 mph while students and parents are crossing during the school day -- it goes up to 40 mph heading towards Charles Drive and Hooper Avenue.

There are busy intersections along Cedar Grove Road and adjoining streets as well where drivers are constantly coming and going during the day and to a degree at night as well.

Toms River Police Safety Officer Steve Schwartz said in a statement to Townsquare Media News that the decision to lower the speed across the entire length of Cedar Grove Road is to match the speed limit with other sections of the road, reduce travel speeds, reduce crash volume and severity, and coincide with statutory speed limit.

Officer Schwartz said that it is a county road but that "the county received numerous speeding complaints from residents and observed increased numbers of crashes on this stretch of road."

Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels

What the Toms River Township Council is looking to do is make the speed limit for the entire length of Cedar Grove Road a posted 35 mph for driver and pedestrian safety.

The Toms River Council introduced and passed an ordinance on its first reading on January 25 and it'll get another look on February 8 where they will consider final passage.

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Your comments are welcome at the council meeting as well which will be held in the L. Manuel Hirshblond Meeting Room of the Municipal Building that night starting at 6:00 pm.

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