While most Garden State residents consider Florida for the winter, this species has been happy taking flight to the Jersey Shore.

Audobon.org describes the Snowy Owl as a large, powerful owl of the Arctic tundra. Preying on small rodents and sometimes birds as large as geese, the Snow Owl prefers cold temperatures, but can sometimes be found south of the Canadian border during winter months.

As proof, the owls have been spotted migrating to the Jersey Shore in recent years.

Yesterday, the Lakewood BlueClaws spotted one getting an early bird seat for their Harry Potter night next season. Check it out:

The Audubon Society offers a guide on how to find snowy owls and another on how to view them respectfully. It's a reminder to keep your distance from the birds, who are hungry, tired, and stressed from their journey.

Have you seen a Snowy Owl in our area? Send us a photo and we'll post it here!

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