We know that birds fly south for the winter, and New Jersey is indeed south of the Arctic, which is why the snowy owl has been spotted at the Jersey Shore once again.

Calling the Arctic home for most of the year, snowy owls have been spotted seasonally in New Jersey for only a handful of years.

This past weekend, one local birdwatcher got some photos of a lifetime right at Ocean County's Island Beach State Park:

According to The Raptor Trust in Millington, whether New Jersey gets to enjoy snowy owl visits isn't set in stone every year, it all comes down to their Arctic food supply.

While snapping a photo of a snowy owl can be a thrill for birdwatchers, officials remind those hoping to catch a peek at the elusive bird that climbing over sand dunes to pursue your perfect photo is a big no-no.

Have you spotted a snowy owl in Ocean County? Feel free to share your photos on our Facebook page!


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