Looks like we may be snowed in this weekend here in Ocean, Burlington, and Monmouth Counties...so now is the time to get prepared and get those snacks ready to go! Let's face it there is nothing worse than being snowed in and not having the pantry full. Let's talk fun food to keep us preoccupied during the blizzard.


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If you have not heard, the Jersey Shore will be under a Blizzard Warning beginning at 7 pm Friday evening so now is the time to start thinking about our supplies. No one wants to drive in 18 + inches of snow...


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We are asking YOU at home to share your ideas for great snack foods. This way we can all go and get stocked up today...if you have waited till the last minute...

  • Debbie: Chicken Buff Dip
  • Chocolate covered pretzels
  • Eva-Jean: I was thinking more of comfort food like a stew or Mac & cheese
  • Laura: I’m planning on making eggplant parm this weekend
  • Lori: All kinds of fruit to make up for all the junk you ate first lol like barbecue corn chips, different kinds of potato chips and cookies and pizza bites and cheese sticks lol
  • Donna: Making short ribs watching tv and watching the snowfall
  • Louise: Wine and cheese lol
  • Carole: Chocolate chip cookies and a cup of hot chocolate
  • Madeleine: CannaCookies
  • Lynette: Hot chocolate and cookies
  • Leslie: Pasta Fagioli
  • Betsy: Wine!!!
  • Julie: Homemade anything!
  • Sandra: Cheese cracker olives and chocolate and of course wine!


I'm thinking comfort foods like soup or chili and of course maybe chips and one of my favs Cheez-Its ...I can do some damage with Pringles and Cheez-its :)

Share YOUR Snowbound Snack Ideas ...


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