Did you see what I saw this weekend?  Little buds on the magnolia in the backyard?  Crocuses poking their green leaves out of the ground?  I loved seeing these signs of spring because it tells me we won't have to deal with the cold much longer.  Not that we've had a horrible winter.  Other than the blizzard, it really hasn't been so bad.  But isn't there just something about the transition of seasons that puts you in a good mood?

Spring doesn't officially start until March 20th but we can enjoy this week's warm weather and start noticing those things that signal the end of winter.

Spring Fever is contagious so please use the Comments section and tell us where you are in Ocean County and what signs of spring you have seen recently.

Is there a lot of activity at your birdhouse?  Are your bulbs starting to grow into lovely tulips?  Is there a robin building a nest nearby?  Is your pet shedding its winter coat?