For smokers, it's become increasingly more restrictive as to where you can partake. With very few exceptions (such as some casino areas), smoking indoors anywhere is now forbidden, and there are many restrictions on outdoor smoking in public areas too.

I'll be honest, there have been plenty of times when I have been on a beach and happened to be downwind of a cigarette or cigar smoker. When you're trying to enjoy the fresh ocean air, it's kind of a mood killer.

But, that being said, there are plenty of wide open areas of the beaches where a smoker can enjoy their cigarette or cigar without bothering anyone (of course, this is also assuming that they don't just dump their butts in the sand when they're done!).

A number of beaches, including Ocean County hot spots like; Seaside Park, Beach Haven, Island Heights, and Point Pleasant have already put laws on the books to outlaw smoking on the beaches, and a full statewide ban could follow.

So what do you think, should smoking be allowed on our beaches? Vote below and let us know your thoughts!



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