Kids tend to believe everything their parents tell them.

Most white lies are completely harmless and many of them are told to keep the child safe.

Then some lies are told for their parents' amusement, like that time my dad told me that he had a metal plate in his skull which was why I was able to balance a small ball on his head.

We still joke about it until this day.

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There was that other time when my grandpa told me that I could grow popcorn, so I planted some kernels, and a few days later there was a pack of popcorn laying on the ground.

I found out years later that my grandpa "planted" that packet of popcorn.

I was a gullible kid...

Because I was such a gullible kid I too believed these laws, but luckily I was not the only one.

Is it illegal to drive with a light on in the car?

How many times as a kid did you get yelled at by your mom or dad to turn off the interior light in the car?

How many times was that followed up with being told that they could get pulled over by the cops for it being on?

While it is not illegal to drive with a light on in the car, you may get pulled over for distracted driving if the reason your light is on is because you're doing something besides just driving in the car.

Is it illegal to drive barefoot?

New Jersey is known as the land of laws. I have heard the joke that everything in New Jersey is either taxed, illegal, or both.

Well, shockingly it is not illegal to drive barefoot in New Jersey.

Yes, your control of the pedals can be affected by driving barefoot, but it is not in fact illegal.

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