Essential, meaning grocery store employees, pharmacy employees, any business that deals with the public.

This means all employees you come in contact with from gas attendants, delivery personnel, any store that is essential and open during COVID-19. I know this seems a little excessive but it would protect the employee and the customer. I do see shields in some grocery stores between the employee and customer, that's great, but I feel (just my opinion) face masks would be an also protection.

I just want to say "Thank YOU" to all the grocery employees that have to deal  with the public on a daily basis, please protect yourselves. You are appreciated.

What do you think? I had Home Depot delivery this past weekend, and the delivery men were wearing masks, I thought that's very safe for them and me. I even said, "Thank you" for protecting yourself and me. I realize they're hot and a little uncomfortable, but something to protect you and your customers would be so much safer.

Should all essential workers wear masks in Ocean County?

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