This beautiful lady is Chelsea, a pretty 6-7 year old brindle pit bull.

Here's Chelsea's story sent by our friends at the Popcorn Park Rescue Zoo!  Read all about our Pet of the Week.

When we assisted the federal authorities in a raid on a residence for drugs, guns, etc., Chelsea was one of several dogs that we took from this awful place. This sweet girl is so happy to be in good hands now and is ready for a fresh start in life. We can only guess at the kind of miserable existence that Chelsea had prior to coming to stay with us, but she certainly doesn't hold her past against anyone. After a  thorough examination by our veterinarian, it was determined that Chelsea had had some bones broken in her day. All of her fractures have healed up, but Chelsea is left with a little bit of a limp and some arthritis. Chelsea gets around perfectly fine and is so happy to go out for a stroll with one of her many new friends. Chelsea likes to act like she's a little shy, but she just loves people and she can't stop her butt from wiggling and tail from wagging when someone pays some kind attention to her. Chelsea is a very mature, well behaved, well mannered and calm girl who would love a great home to relax in with a family that loves her. She will need to be an only pet and has plenty of love to give to some lucky family. Please give our beautiful Chelsea the wonderful home that she's been dreaming of!

Pet of the Week, Popcorn Park Zoo
Pet of the Week, Popcorn Park Zoo

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