A lot of us will remember what it was like trying to get in touch with people during and after Superstorm Sandy. A lot of busy signals at best, and not even any service for most of us. A New Jersey company wants to change that, and they're deploying their technology in Seaside Heights this weekend to give it a test run.


Digifi wants to change the way that we connect. With wifi antennas roughly the size of a football, they want to revolutionize the way that emergency services communicate with each other and bring connectivity in the worst case scenarios.

They can set up satellite based communications networks literally anywhere there's a power outlet.

In a worst case scenario like Superstorm Sandy, when the communications infrastructure goes down, they can plug in and set up their antennas in minutes, allowing thousands of people to get back in touch with loved ones and emergency services.


And this weekend, they're using the Gentlemen of the Road festival in Seaside Heights as a proof of concept test, to show exactly what Digifi is capable of.

So, if you see a bunch of little antennas on the beach and boardwalk this weekend, now you know why. In the near future, it could revolutionize the way we communicate with each other on both an every day basis and worst case scenario situations. You can get more info about Digifi by clicking here.

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