Lincoln .... Let me first say if you are not a fan of "History" if your not a fan of "Period Pieces" and if your a fan of "Special Effects"  and Hollywood "Glam" then skip this movie! With that said if it's the opposite for you , then you going to watch a masterpiece! This movie basically follows President Lincoln and his Staff as they try to radify the 13th Amendment to the Constitution ... To abolish slavery. As Lincoln says he could not move foward in ending the Civil War until he did away with slavery. The bulk of the picture follows the President and his Staff as they work hard for votes with the House of Representatives. Steven Spielberg Directs the film and as always...does a fantastic job. The movie transports you to 1865 and from the lighting ( lack of it ) to the scenes of bloodshed, Spielberg takes you to the Lincoln White House. Amazing when watching how at that time the President was so accessible to the "people" and in the end obviously what led to Lincolns death. Daniel Day Lewis gives and Oscar worthy performance as President Lincoln. From his personality to his look...even to his voice, it's what I would think Lincoln would've been like. Sally Field plays the First Lady and another fantastic performance. As we learn through the movie the Lincoln's had alot of heartache in their lives and Ms Field gives you that in her performance. Tommy Lee Jones is fantastic as Thaddues Stevens the Republican Congressional Leader and James Spadar gives an enthustiastic performance as Republican Operative William Bilbo as he looks to secure the votes Lincoln needs to secure the amendment. This is a big cast with alot of actors you will know. The movie is a section of Lincoln's life , but a huge part of our Nations history and it's documented well. Listen to Lewis as he tells stories that Lincoln loved, well done! Especially the story of George Washington!

The 13th Amendment to the Consituition of the United States of America was adopted December 6th, 1865 .... President Lincoln was responsible for it's passage, he did not see it though as he died on April 15th, 1865 .... only 8 weeks after it passed through the House of Representatives....

President Lincoln was taken from us way too early, in my humble opinion President Abraham Lincoln saved the Union .... Hail To The Chief ...  his legacy lives on!