A Cookie and an Angel to make your home complete for the holidays!

Popcorn Park Zoo

People have questioned the ages of Cookie & Angel, our Great Dane duo, so we figured you'd like to see the young ladies in action. They're not so young, but they're 5 1/2 years old is true, and the girls have the spunk of puppies and the sweetness of sugar, and that's all that matters! They came to us when their owners went their separate ways and neither owner could take them. Cookie (black & white) and Angel (gray) have been together since puppy-hood and had a good home where they were loved and cared for. (They even had their stomachs stapled to prevent bloat!) Being in a shelter was quite a shock for Cookie & Angel, but as you can see, the girls are doing their best not to let it get them down. They are happy, healthy, well behaved, housebroken, and so incredibly friendly. Their only requirement is that they be the only pets in the home and of course, that they be adopted together as we will never separate them. They will soon move into our Animal Haven Farm where they can enjoy a giant yard all to themselves every day of the week but in the meantime, they are still looking for a great home, so come in and meet the Dane sisters!

Popcorn Park Zoo

1 Humane Way

Forked River, NJ

609 - 693 - 1900


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