Little Bandit needs his forever home!

Popcorn Park Zoo
Popcorn Park Zoo
At 14 years old, little Bandit finds himself of a new place to call home. We can imagine how tough it must be on him, having lived his life in a home with a family forever, now coming to an unfamiliar place and starting over, but he's putting on a brave face and hoping that someone new will fall in love with him. Bandit was turned in by his family because they were moving and couldn't take him along. Bandit is just the sweetest little guy and a real gentleman. He is perfectly behaved and welcomes the chance to make a new friend. He does have some flippoty-floppity older man legs, and stumbles from time to time when he's walking, but it's age-related and he gets around just fine. His eyes are a little cloudy too but again, he gets around like a real trooper. Bandit just wants to be next to you and get lots of attention. He even tries to stand on his hind legs to get up into your lap. He is so easy-going, mellow, and just an all-around nice little guy. Bandit doesn't seem to mind other well behaved dogs or cats that don't cause him any grief, and he would do best in a more quiet home where he can spend his life relaxing and being loved by a family, as he should.
1 Humane Way
Forked River, NJ

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