Last Friday I witnessed a serious auto accident on the Garden State Parkway....very scary!

I have never seen a serious auto accident unfold in front of me until last Friday. I was leaving the WOBM studios heading south on the Garden State Parkway. I was apporaching exit 69 in Waretown, when the scene began to unfold. I was in the middle lane ( of 3 ) when just 2 cars ahead an SUV cut into the far left lane, cutting off a small car.....the car then swerved left , lost control and headed right for the guard rail. It seemed like slow motion as the car made impact into the guard rail to the far left of traffic...head on !

The car made impact and debris began to shower the highway, items from the car flew past my car as I drove basically right through the trail of the accident. The car bounced off the guardrail spinning around slightly off the road and landing back in the middle of the parkway! It all seemed to happen in slow motion but I have never seen such a crash right before my eyes and with everyone traveling at 65 mph or better!

When I think back I remember the young girl driving the car that crashed passing me seconds before the accident....had I been going just lil faster and a car or two further ahead that could've been me!

Fast-foward .... the car now sits in the middle of the road , the front completely smashed and the driver inside with the airbags deployed. I immediately pulled off to the shoulder and began running to the car along with several other motorists who also stopped. I must admit I was very worried to see what was the scene inside the car we opened the door!

As the door opened we found a young female, conscious and responsive...but with a bleeding hand , but better then worse and after seeing the accident she was lucky to not have been in worse condition. The vehicle was spilling gas, oil and fluids all over the road so it was determined it would be best to remove her from the car for safety reasons .... so as other motorists carried her off the roadway I was given the job of calling the New Jersey State Police since I had my phone right with I dialed 911 and reported the accident, at the same time another driver had a radio and called the accident in and within minutes Troopers were on the scene and soon Paramedics arrived! A very quick response by officials.

While the woman was being attended to ....myself and several others began collecting some of the womans possesions which had been scattered across the parkway. Everything from clothes to shoes and other items were collected and brought to the side of the road. I remember seeing her music collection ( CD's ) shattered and thrown all over the highway....but the main thing was she was in what appeared to be a non-life threatening situation. It was nice to see how motorists, strangers...came together to help in this horrible crash ! I did not stay to see how the young woman made out because officials wanted to start moving vehicles to make way for emergency officials, but I hope she was ok. I am glad I stopped and hope if I were in the same situation people would help me .

So have you ever been at the scene of an accident and stopped  to help?

On a side note many cars did not stop and made their way through the wreckage to keep going and avoid what was soon to be a road closure and the SUV that caused the accident, to the best of my knowledge, never stopped.

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