Ok, I openly admit that I have a bunch of little pet peeves. In my defense, I think that these things drive a lot of people nuts, I just have a blog where I get to complain about them publicly. Yesterday, I spotted one of the main things that irritates me, take a look:

Photo by Justin Louis

Yup, that's a shopping cart left in a parking spot, literally only about 20 feet away from the "cart corral".

It honestly blows my mind how some people can be so lazy and inconsiderate to others at the same time. Not only could they not be bothered to put the cart where it belongs, but it's also blocking a parking spot that happened to be very close to the store entrance.

I know, there are much larger issues in the world to worry about, but it's little things like this that we all get a little irritated by.

What are your little pet peeves? Tell us in the comments!