What has happened to our society?  I don’t know if I’m mad at the internet, or people in general, or the politicians or the media.  I’m upset that we seem so divided on just about everything these days.  We’re not just choosing sides in the Presidential Race.  It seems we’re also taking sides over other things.  Every other thing.  Whether we believe Kim Kardashian really got robbed.   Whether Jane Pauley was the right choice to replace Charles Osgood.  And whether Billy Bush should be taken off the air for his role in the Trump tape that was released Friday.

The online article I read about the Trump tape had hundreds of reader comments about whether or not Billy Bush should keep his job.  What was originally an article about a presidential candidate devolved to regular Americans bashing an entertainment show reporter.  He was called every name in the book.  He was bashed for his last name.  People said he should never work in TV again.

Why are we so full of hate?  Why are we so free with our verbal attacks?  I think we feel safe behind our computer screens so we vent and lash out in ways we might not be brave enough to do in person.

Are we losing friendships over the stands we’re taking?  I’m hearing more and more people say they are “unfriending” folks on Facebook because they disagree politically.  Have we lost the ability to see the good in people?  Why are we focusing so much on our disagreements when people generally have a whole lot more in common than not.  Can’t we respect differences of opinion without launching verbal wars on the internet?

Have you lost some friends, either online or in real life, because of this divisive climate we’re living in?

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