Does this man seem familiar? His face is well-known at Stafford Police headquarters, where he's wanted as a shoplifting suspect.

Police offered few details beyond the surveillance images, saying only that the theft took place at Kohl's in Manahawkin. The images contain no date or time stamps.

There is no description of the items taken, or of the suspect's physical characteristics, beyond what is visible in the images. However, he does appear to be Caucasian, with dark, short hair, and sunshades worn above the eyes.

The tee-shirt appears to be Dana Carvey as Garth of "Wayne's World," as noted in the Asbury Park Press, though one visitor to the Stafford PD Facebook page conjectured that it might be Dog The Bounty Hunter. Either way, he leaves not much hidden.

If you can help track the suspect, e-mail Detective Fessler at Stafford PD.

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